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Favorite Links:

We'll try to get our links together, so have a look again soon!

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Google A really fab search engine.
The truth is out there Of course the CIA was involved in flying saucers! Just not the way you might think...
Mars needs Guitars (like these) Mmmmm, nice.

FreeServers.comFree Web space - how can we refuse?

Extreme ProgrammingA new way of writing software! Saves on screens and keyboards too!
Hawaiian Shirts Everyone should have at least one Hawaiian shirt in their wardrobe!
Grand Prix Legends Absolutely amazing Grand Prix car simulation (if you like that kind of thing)
Roger McGuinn Master of the 12-string, and a keeper of the folk-music flame!
Stupidities Things you won't believe people said or did!
stupid.com Things you won't believe people would ever buy!
funny britcar stuff Might be a tad obscure for some people...